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Research and Development

We are working on a number of areas as part of our research and development effort. The idea is to bring in disruptive and innovative solutions to the market. We have identified a few areas that need attention and seriously working on them with the help of a team of experts. Some of these areas are related to web and mobile app development.

As part of our research effort we are trying to introduce better, flexible and cost effective solutions to web and multimedia services. Another focus area is the content development for educational institutions and better and highly simplified yet smart training materials for students to help them with their academics, the main area of interest being information technology. We are coordinating with a number of experts on finding solutions to better address the need for simpler and friendly learning materials to help with faster learning. Yet another area of interest is security. We are trying to understand how innovative solutions that utilize the latest technologies could be used to provide a secure learning environment for children. Some of our efforts in these directions will bear fruit soon and we hope to introduce them to you in the form of new services and products that we are going to bring to the market. We will ensure that they standout. Watch out this space for more information in the future.